I started seeing Dr. Hoyle 5 years ago to help with chronic sinusitis as I was tired of antibiotics and allergy meds. Now that is a thing of the past. Prior to working with her I had accepted headaches and neck pain as a part of life and that is no longer the case. She sees my entire family, my kids starting from birth. She takes time to listen, understand and works with you to determine a plan that will best meet your needs. We never feel rushed during an appointment. She is kind, compassionate and truly cares about her patients.

I have been going to Dr. Marianne for over 20 years now. The work we have done together has been extremely beneficial to me. It has improved my quality of life and empowered me in my pursuit of a healthy lifestyle. Her love and passion for her patients is something that I will cherish as long as I continue to visit with her.

At my visit last week, Dr. Marianne introduced a dear friend of mine to her BEST practice for the first time, having him notice the visible difference in my leg lengths as soon as I laid face down on the treatment table. Within minutes of a few simple, light touches by Dr. Marianne, along with my participation of coached gentle breathing patterns, my friend witnessed the physiological change that took place as my leg lengths came back into balance at even lengths--without any other manual, mechanical, or prosthetic means. I've been treated in every good sense of the word by Dr. Marianne for over 16 years. Her sincerity in her care and compassion is unsurpassed by any other chiropractor I've been patient of, which is more than I can count on my fingers and toes. Without effort, Dr. Marianne shares her positive outlook, an added bonus to an already outstanding treatment! She partners with me to make positive changes--physically and emotionally. One more time I say "thank you, Dr. Marianne" for being you and treating me 'well.' Karen

Two years ago I had a Dexascan ordered by my gynecologist and it showed that I had osteoporosis  in two spots.  He recommended that I go on medicine for it.  I had heard of the side effects of this medicine, and told Dr. Hoyle that I was concerned about it.  She told me she had had good results with Biost and calcium three times a day and that we could try that for two years until my next Dexascan.  I was eager to try it and stay away from the side effects of the other medicine.  Two years have passed and I had another Dexascan a couple of months ago.  The results showed no osteoporosis and those two areas are just barely into the osteopenia range.  I am excited and thankful and looking forward to my next Dexascan in two years.  Carla

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