Marianne Hoyle
DC, Post Graduate Science Based Nutrition, Acupuncture, B.E.S.T

     Dr. Marianne Hoyle, DC has been dedicated to bringing the newest and most effective practices of integrative healthcare to Central Illinois since 1999.  She earned her doctorate from Palmer College of Chiropractic, did post-doctoral work at Morter Health System, and is designated an Elite Master in the practice of Bio-Energetic Synchronization Technique (B.E.S.T.) She also became a certified practitioner of Body Restoration Technique (B.R.T.) Through her studies at the Health and Wellness Center in Alexandria, Virginia.  She specializes in many non-traditional healing techniques and is regarded as a wellness physician.


     Her personal journey began after doctors had given up on her son, Tyler.  He was born with a heart defect, vision challneges, and other serious health issues.  At age 2, Tyler weighed only 12 pounds and was diagnosed with "failure to thrive."


     She refused to give up.   She connected with Dr. Sue Morter and learned about her practice of mind/body wellness and energetic medicine.  As she continued to search, she was drawn to chiropractic and its belief that the body can heal itself.


     Through this journey, she found the help Tyler needed. Today her son is attending college and living a healthy, happy life. ​


      I am an advocate of eating locally grown produce and grass-fed animals. "Food as medicine" is the foundation of my belief system and practice. My favorite topic of conversation is poop. Yes, poop: color, size, and frequency. You will often hear me say the phrase: "Get your poop in a group" aka "get yourself together and get healthy!"


     Eventually I had enough of the emotional roller coaster and started educating myself on Nutrition. I learned that 'skinny' does not equal 'healthy’ and that the colon was the star player in a healthy immune system and healthy mind. She discovered that counting nutrients was the key instead of counting calories.


     I began changing my lifestyle habits and noticed tremendous differences in my mood and confidence levels. I made the switch from Kroger to Palmer Chiropractic College "I didn't get excited about selling produce the same way I got excited about muscles, organs, and nerves, nutrition, health."  In 1998,I was introduced to my mentor, Dr. Sue Morter, who taught me how to heal my emotions with the Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique (B.E.S.T.) This technique affected me so much that I decided to master it and use it to help others.




Marianne Hoyle is a Licensed Doctor of Chiropractic trained in Foundational Nutrition with over 2 decades of clinical experience.  She teaches you how to heal yourself from the inside out.

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